About Us

Francisco’s Meat Company (FMC) was established in Anaheim, California in 1989 by Francisco Ceja and his wife Alicia. Currently, Francisco, with the help of his family, runs his company according to his father’s motto:

“Commitment to quality work and superior customer service in all
  aspects of our company.”

Francisco’s experience in the meat industry began at an early age. He grew up as an apprentice to his father, el senor Abelino Ceja, who came from a long line of “carniceros” (butchers) that dated back to 1911. As a young boy Francisco learned how to manage and slaughter cattle and other livestock as well as manage the family business. With hard work and discipline, along with the skills taught to him by his father, Francisco developed his company into the success that it is today.

Originally serving Orange County, FMC continues to grow and now serves Riverside County, LA County, San Diego County and Nevada.